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Ta’s Caribbean Spice is a family-owned company. The company is made up of my Husband Aude, myself Jodi, and our twins boys Jovan and Kadir.  Our company is named after our Grandfather Ta, who was born in Barbados. We also have family connections to Haiti and Jamaica. Our Grandfather loved to cook and seeing the joy his food brought to everyone in his family.  He had a full garden in Barbados with fresh vegetables and herbs, and he made sure his crop was part of each dish he prepared. Every morning one of my uncles would climb the coconut tree in the front yard so we could have fresh coconut water for breakfast, then he would make coconut bread with the coconut, which we all fought over! Our grandfather was very passionate about his children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren having a very healthy diet. Spending summers in Barbados as a little girl helping him take care of his garden was such a life lesson, I think all of my family members have learned invaluable lessons from My Grandfather that we implement in our lives to this day. Sadly Our Hero succumbed to cancer after being in remission for 10 years, we started this company to continue his legacy. Our goal is to offer healthy options while still delivering phenomenal taste and flavor. 


My husband and I have been in the food and beverage industry for the past 25 years. Aude has had a love of cooking since he was a little boy. He attended the Culinary Institute in New York and has worked in the industry where his love for cooking grew. I have experience with customer service for just as long. My last position before running the business full time was a banquet captain at one of the premiere country clubs here in Las Vegas. My goal for each event was that every guest left having had am amazing experience. Our passion for our business makes us want to deliver an exemplary products to our customers.


We started this company originally with our salt free/sugar-free spices, and our Vegan hot sauces and marinades at our local farmers market and also on Amazon. A local Vegan Market in Las Vegas,Veg-In-Out Market also carries many of our products as well.


In 2019 we started offering traditional Caribbean, and some American dishes, and delicious pastries for catering and  at the local farmers market.  The food we offered was non-vegan. Shortly after that we had family member diagnosed with Cancer, right away we sought out natural remedies to help the situation. A vegan diet was one of the first changes we wanted to implement. We then committed ourselves to offering a healthier version of our favorite Caribbean dishes, and some popular American dishes as well. The time in quarantine gave us time in the kitchen to master our vegan recipes. We had so much fun in the kitchen!  We made pizzas, Mexican Lasagnes, cookies, croissants, and of course our Jamaican Patties and empanadas.


We’ve started doing food delivery once things started to open back up here in Las Vegas. We sell our patties and empanadas by the dozen with our Caribbean style rice and peas, and Caribbean style veggies, and our dessert of the week.


We are looking to expanding our business and offering our patties to customers out of state!


We have gotten so much support from the Vegans in Las Vegas, and we are only just getting started!



Jamaican Patties are a traditional dish of Jamaica, they are a pastry made out of curry flavored dough and can be filled with various fillings, and they have some of the flakiest crust you will ever taste.  We use our own Ta’s Caribbean Spice Jamaican Curry Seasoning. The Jamaican Patty is the most popular convenience food of Jamaica, usually eaten on the go! We also offer many other dough flavors, let us spice up your day!

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