About us

Ta's Caribbean Spice is a family-owned company we started to continue our grandfather Ta's legacy, his love of family, and the food is the foundation of our company.  We envisioned the idea of our company one day while many of our family members from Barbados were in town, and we just reminisced about the delicious dishes he would prepare for us, many of them passed down from Ta himself.  With 25 years experience cooking at the Hilton Hotel and upscale boutique restaurants in New York, we knew we had the experience and knowledge to create outstanding products.  We worked on recipes for about 2 years, while working our full-time jobs, giving out samples to our family and friends.  Their reactions gave us the confidence to move forward!  We started out doing local farmers markets here in Las Vegas, also being vendors at the infamous First Friday!  We were pleasantly surprised at how well we were received, the thought of Caribbean based products excited our customers!  We launched on Amazon in 2017, with our sampler spice bundle.  We have since added more authentic Caribbean products to our store on Amazon. 

Our plans to start offering catering services has finally arrived!  Hopefully adding a food truck within the next year!  We offer classic Caribbean dishes with a modern touch.  Here at Ta's Caribbean Spice, we believe in providing the best product available, authentic Caribbean flavors which are also health conscious.  We look forward to hearing from you!